Posted October 27, 2019 @ 10:49 am

When it comes to needing a notary, signing or closing agent to come to your home, office or facility, you can depend on one of our agents to be there. We come to you and a time, date and place of your choice.

Notarywide is a nationwide directory of some of the best closing and signing and agents who perform notary services at your convenience. You may not see a notary listed in the directory and if you don’t please email us with your name, phone number, where and when you need services. We will find you a notary free of charge because that is what we do. We match people in need of a notary with a notary who will come to you.

Notarywide directory members consist of people we know and have excellent reputations. When you connect with us you connect with a network of notary agents everywhere. So, if you are need of one notary agent or multiple agents, email us so we can provide you with the names and contact information for the most qualified notaries all ready to assist with simple to complex notary situations.

Remember we are a traveling and mobile notary service who meets with you are your location not our office. The location you chose is up to you and the services we provide you are licensed and guaranteed.

Please note, when making your appointment for a notary service you or the person signing, including witnesses, MUST HAVE a State of Government issued picture license. A driver’s license and or a passport or an I.D. card will suffice. However, if you or the person signing does not have an appropriate and required ID, do not make an appointment with us. Only call after you are certain about the time and place and proper identification is available.

Thank you and please contact us now or when you need a notary. Please be sure when emailing us to include your telephone number so we can call you and discuss your needs