Mobile and Traveling Notary Agents who sign legal documents, attend closings, and notarize at a time and place of your choice. Your location, your timing, we will be there, guaranteed.


Quotes and Confirming Services are by EMAIL ONLY! All requests must be in writing. Please click on the contact link to email us. Agents are available to answer you in less than 10 minutes.

Mobile Traveling Notary agents offer quick discounted quotes by email. For immediate assistance, click on Email a Notary here, your email will be answered by a licensed Notary who will advise and assist you with all your needs.

NotaryWide directory offers only the best local Traveling Mobile Notaries, Closing and Signing Agents. Notarywide Directory offers free unlimited access to connect you with mobile and traveling notary agents everywhere in America. This Notarywide Directory provides you with the name and contact information of the best Mobile and Traveling Notary, signing and closing agents in the nation. Our mobile notary referral service is FREE to anyone seeking the services of a closing or loan signing agent or Notary service. When you need a Notary, Signing or Closing Agent, please email us and we will connect you with a responsible, vetted licensed notary. Please make sure you email us your name, telephone number and email address.

Mobile and Traveling Notary agents listed in the Notarywide directory perform a wide range of Mobile Notary, Traveling Public Notary, Closings and various other signings at a time, date and location of your choice. Most agents are available quickly and will meet with you at a time and place of your choice. All notary services performed by agents referred to you from Notarywide will quote you a flat fee and there are no additional expenses unless your needs change.

The staff of the NotarywideMobile Notary Directory manages the largest network of Mobile Notaries and Traveling Signing and Closing agents in the United States. Whether you are a real estate professional, a closing or signing agent, or perhaps you are a non-business person seeking personal assistance with having your legal documnets notarized, Notarywide’s traveling and Mobile Public Notary agents are available to assist you. No notary job is too small or large for our mobile traveling notary agents.

We are pleased to be able to assist you with finding a mobile and traveling notary, closing or signing agent who will travel to you at a time and place of your choice. Please remember, we are a traveling and mobile notary service; we come to you quickly! We do not have office hours as our mobile and traveling notary services are performed at an address of your choice.

Directory List of Mobile and Traveling Public Notary Agents, Closing and Signers Come to You

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Mobile And Traveling Notary Public, Closing and Signing performed at your location

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