Frequently Asked Questions and Mobile Signing And Traveling Notary Services

What is a Mobile Signer and Traveling Notary, Closing and Signing Agent?

A Mobile Signers and Traveling Notary Agents are licensed professionals who works by appointment and only travel to a location of your choice. Services performed by a traveling and mobile Notary are at your convenience and are available everyday of the year

Can a Traveling Signers and Mobile Notary refuse to provide notary Services?

Yes! Notary agents must follow strict laws that govern notarization of documents. The Notary or Signer will use her or his discretion to determine if your request is appropriate and lawful

Do Traveling Signers and Mobile Notaries prepare documents?

No, they should not provide documents. Document preparation should be handled by an Attorney or purchased from a reputable resource specializing in legal documents to the public.

Can a traveling signer or mobile notary offer legal advice?

No, they do not offer legal advice unless of course your notary or signer is a licensed Attorney.

Must the person's whose signature is being notarized be present at the time of notarial act?

Yes of course! The person signing must sign in the presence of the notary ALL THE TIME!

Must the document being notarized be prepared by an Attorney?

NO. Any self-made document can be notarized but with some conditions.

Must a person produce an identification card before the notary takes place?

Yes, if you are the person signing or you know the person who is signing, a Government issued Driver’s License or Passport must be presented. At the time of signing you may be asked to produce a second form of identification, so bring at least two "IDS" with you when you meet the notary.

Do Mobile Notary's who travel swear people in for telephone Testimony?

Yes, definitely! The courts require being sworn in by a Notary when testimony takes place via telephone.

Do Mobile Notary's always sign documents?

Yes, every time!

Will I have to provide my finger prints at the time of notary?