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Thank you for taking the time to visit our mobile notary, offsite Dealer signing, and closing services website. We are known as A.C.E., Inc. and are a nationwide providers of numerous legal support services, especially mobile and traveling notary services, for twenty-five years. We offer quick discounted quotes by email. For immediate assistance, click on Email a Notary here, your email will be answered by a licensed Notary who will advise and assist you with all your needs.


A.C.E., Inc. is a family business which consists of four corporate office managers who manage 3500 professional mobile and offsite notary agents. Our database system and management tools are secure, encrypted, and accessible by our clients via a secret passcode and authorized access code.

The company was established in 1997 as a Licensed Private Investigation agency (A9900347) and has grown into a multi-divisional enterprise mainly involved with providing legal support services on behalf of Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals, Corporate Counsel,and business Owners. We are proud to say we have been profitable, stable and have developed a stellar reputation every year of our existence. Our immediate and future goal is to have another amazing twenty years whereby our clients will depend on us to accomplish the task at hand in a friendly and professional manner.

Our Mobile Notary, Signing and Closing managers operate out of one corporate office so there is always a manager to answer your email and at least one knowledgeable person to assist you with your questions, arrange your service and to follow up with. Each employee is cross trained and can handle any request in a moment's notice.

As for Notarywide, Traveling, Offsite. Mobile Notary, Signing and Closing Services, it is our newest and most efficient division. Our mobile notary agents, many of whom perform a wide range of legal support services, travel to a place and time of your choice to perform official notarization of your documents. If we do not have an agent available, we will find one for you, at no charge. We provide free referral services and will be happy to assist you.

Mobile, Offsite and Traveling Notary Services

Our proven success in the legal support industry allows us to provide clients mobile notary and offsite services with the same commitment, dependability and sense of urgency as all our other business. We are excited about offering nationwide traveling notary services to anyone seeking the assistance of a mobile notary, offsite signing or closing agent.

You, as thousands of others have, can depend upon Notarywide when you need on time offsite signing and mobile notary services. We guarantee we will find you a notary, free of charge. Our free notary finder and directory service saves you time and the hassle of making calls and inquiries. You are only one click away from Notarywide Notary assistance!