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As a professional mobile and traveling Notary performing signing and closing services in Edwardsville, we can assure you on time and responsible service. Notary agents travel to Edwardsville to assist with closing and signing of all documents.

Our mobile notary, signing and closing agents in Edwardsville are prepared to assist you with notarizing your documents. Our notary agents are familiar with all of the locations within Edwardsville as well as applicable notary laws and will abide by all procedures and requirements necessary to properly execute your documents. Please be advised, as official Edwardsville notary agents, we require you or your client to produce legal identification such as, but not limited to, a state issued driver license, a government issued Passport, a government issued identification card with an image and any supporting documentation.

Edwardsville Mobile and Traveling Notary, Closing and signing services are performed by licensed agents within Edwardsville are generally completed at a time and place of your convenience. Some of the most popular locations where notary services are performed throughout Edwardsville are: nursing homes, law offices, prisons, corporate offices, real estate offices, hospitals, assisted living facilities, motor vehicle offices, government buildings, car dealerships, courthouses and residential locations.

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